A certain part activated in the brain of Satoshi Fujii is also a diagnostic point of dementia

What is different in shogi experts from amateurs?
The point is
“the precuneus on the parietal lobe”.

The precuneus is the site
where blood flow reduction is seen
for the very early stage in a patient with dementia.

Even in the brain of Mr. Satoshi Fujii (4 stage)
The precuneus (from the caudate nucleus circuit)
should be activated when he plays Shogi.

Let’s see in order.


Fujii has consecutively wined.
Finally, he will advance to the finals tournament of Dragon King (Ryuo)
He is still a junior high school student.
It is amazing!
(° o °)

I am not familiar with Shogi,
On replace of Akira Watanabe current Dragon King,
it will be a matter of time before Dragon King Fujii is born.

two questions happened in my brain.

The first one is,
it is vulgar though,
what is the winning prize for Dragon Battle?

If you become a dragon king
The winning prize is 43.2 million yen,
this is the highest in the world of Shogi.
Quoted from the Japan Shogi Federation


The second question is
what happens in the brains of professional Shogi players including Fujii?

In January 2011
RIKEN,a Japan’s largest comprehensive research institution, reported.
“What part of the brain is activated
in a professional shogi player”

It is research using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).

Below, quoted from RIKEN

Using spot games of shogi, the researchers have now pinpointed for the first time two brain regions involved in specific aspects of such intuition. Activity in the precuneus of the parietal lobe, a brain region responsible for integrating sensory information, was observed when professional players perceived and recognized realistic board patterns. Rapid generation of next-moves, in contrast, was identified with activity in the caudate nucleus of the basal ganglia. Among professional players, the results moreover highlight a strong correlation between these regions during next-move generation, suggesting that the precuneus-caudate circuit in their brains has been honed to this specific task.

In other words
In the brains of professional Shogi players,

Quick and memorable ideas occur through “precuneus”

The caudate nucleus starts to act instantaneously,
Intuition will work.

command ‘move a hand’ under the motor area of ​​the parietal lobe,
and snaps and pieces move.


Hearing this “precuneus”,
my precuneus reacted in a flash.

Come on, Really?

maybe. (^ ○ ^)

In the image of cerebral blood flow scintigraphy (SPECT) to see the blood flow of the brain,
there are many cases of cognitive dysfunction that causes decrease in blood flow in the frontal lobe,
There are few diseases that show only a decrease in blood flow in the parietal lobe.

Quoted from 2013 Radiology Diagnostic Specialist Exam Question

What do you mean?
Reduction of blood flow in the precuneus (arrow) in the parietal lobe.
This arises the possibility that
very early stage of Alzheimer’s disease or
Lewy body dementia is suspected.

As the symptoms progress,
Blood flow declines will spread to the frontal lobe.

The larger the volume of the “precuneus” is related to,
the feeling “happier”
Kyoto University

Why don’t you increase the blood flow in the precuneus?

how to expand the volume?

For that purpose
Meditation seems to be good.

“Precuneus” is an activated area in professional Shogi players
“Precuneus” is initially damaged area in patients with dementia.

“Precuneus” is more.

It is the ”in and out” of memory
and also
it may be central of ”Happy sensor”.


Today’s article so far.


For the next generation,
I hope to reduce the number of people who struggle with dementia and
partner who takes care of.

Let’s go forward step by step,
Thank you for your continued support.

Thank you for pushing Miso soup.

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